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Can I use indoor furniture for outdoor purposes?

There’s indoor furniture and outdoor furniture in the world of furniture manufacturing and industry. Between these two, there is a limited crossover.Outdoor furniture is built differently than the indoor variety. While we can always use outdoor furniture inside, we cannot use indoor furniture outside unless with treatment.There are some things you can do to weather-proof your indoor furniture and make it a little more outdoor friendly.

 Depending on the furniture, different materials can be taken outdoors for varying amounts of time.Outdoor materials need to be hardy passable to withstand variant temperatures, a certain amount of moisture from rain, dew, humidity, etc. Things like wicker, thin pottery and ceramics, thin plastics and those untreated metal can go outdoors for a limited period of time.  For outdoor use, there are also materials which are idealistic. These includes treated wood and hardwoods, galvanized metal, powder-coated metals (e.g., aluminum, wrought iron), stone (e.g., tables and benches), marble, cement, clay and thick ceramic, poly resin plastics, waterproof nylon (e.g., canopies and chair cushions)

 Simply refinish the wood to make it a weather-proof furniture.  It’s no more difficult than adding some varnish and it might save you from unnecessarily buying all new outdoor furniture. For starters, check the quality and type of wood you plan on using.  For the old wood that’s in bad condition, stay away from it as it will deteriorate at a more rapid pace when taken outside. 

Second, you ideally want to go with woods already desirable for outdoor use, like cedar, pine, cypress, and teak outdoor furniture. These woods are already satisfying and indestructible on their own and want little extra protection. Softer woods, on the other hand, may require a few more layers of sealant and even then they won’t last as long outdoors as a solid hardwood.

 Sand and strip away any existing lacquer to refinish your indoor wood furniture. Whatever finish is on there is most likely intended for inside, and while it will give furniture a high gloss shine, it’s not the right kind of varnish that will protect it from moisture and the outdoor elements.

Once the surface is clean and even, apply an oil-based varnish to furniture. Outdoor atmospheric elements will dry out wood more quickly than furniture that’s kept indoors. So, it’s important to protect the surface and heartwood against cracking, rotting and warping. subsequently that, all you need to do is clean and re-oil furniture once to twice a year to keep it healthy.

As a rule, if it looks like it shouldn’t go outside, no amount of weatherproofing will help. Using your head and your decorating experience you can achieve a long-lasting and vibrant patio set.

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